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  • 01/23/13
    Unbeatable Tactical Footwear

    Tactical Footwear
    Men and women engaged on the front lines such as those in the military, police officers and firefighters, need strong, reliable, durable and comfortable foot ware to help them brave the elements with which they have to contend, in the line of duty. Tactical boots for our officers in uniform, should be so constructed


  • 01/23/13
    Professional Tactical Police Uniforms

    Tactical Uniforms For The Professional Officer
    Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line everyday while on the job. Without them our world would be in turmoil day and night. This is the very reason why they need to have the best tactical police uniforms available to give them a professional look and the


  • 01/23/13
    Superior Tactical Polo Shirt

    Superior Options for a Tactical Polo Shirt
    The right tactical polo shirt can be an important part of any field uniform. Fire departments, medical services and law enforcement personal need to maintain a professional level of appearance at all times. Shirts and other elements of a field uniform that may be donned quickly by personnel


  • 01/23/13
    Combined Tactical Dress Shirt

    Utility Combined With Aesthetics

    Police officers need a tactical dress shirt that is both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. To answer this dual purpose, the dress shirt combines features of the type of uniform shirt worn by armed forces personnel with the design features of the common dress shirt. In order to be long-lasting


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