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  • 07/14/16
    Targeted by Uniform: Law Enforcement as a “Race”?

    I’m going to ask you to bear with me through what is a difficult and inflammatory topic in today’s world.  Right now, our country is in turmoil regarding the role of police, and what actions they take, in regards to an individual’s race or ethnicity – with some alleging that bias is rampant, others saying


  • 06/28/16
    Hesitation = Loss: The Argument for Justified Use of Force

    Lately, it seems like any encounter other than a two-sided, even conversation with a suspect is subject to intense scrutiny when it comes to law enforcement.  Things which used to be taken for granted, such as the fact that fighting an officer would, in fact, result in them fighting back to protect themselves, are now


  • 06/16/16
    Police, Fire, and EMS Uniforms Built for Women

    For years, police uniforms were designed only for male officers. Female officers were forced to make do with uniforms designed for men, resulting in their often wearing ill-fitting and uncomfortable clothing.  Wearing a men’s uniform may result in an unprofessional appearance due to the poor fit, and can possibly significantly hinder a woman’s performance and


  • 06/15/16
    Uniform Classes – What’s the Difference Between Class A, Class B, and Class C?

    Police departments across the country have a variety of uniform classifications and standards for officers, but what do they all refer to when they describe a uniform as being part of a “class?”
    The police uniform is the visual representation of the profession, clearly identifying the individual who wears it as a law enforcement agent. Chiefs


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