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  • 05/22/17
    Avoiding "Cop Think:" How to Diversify Your Identity For Life After Law Enforcement

    By Brian Tuskan, Microsoft Sr. Director of Security
    After leaving law enforcement to the private sector 15 years ago, I had the opportunity to speak to, counsel, and coach hundreds of law enforcement professionals thinking about life after law enforcement. The requests to speak about this subject was so overwhelming I decided the best way to


  • 05/02/17
    "The Boots" - By Sgt. Tim Cotton

    The steel door to the locker room needed a coat of paint. All of the doors in the station had a strip of scrapes and chips about 40 inches from the bottom - a sure sign that many police officers had walked in and out over the years.
    A Sam Browne belt with a gun and


  • 04/25/17
    Medic Attacked: Provider Safety in EMS

    Being attacked by a patient is something which most EMS providers have faced at one point in their careers. By nature of the work we do, serving an entire population of individuals, we’re put into situations where AMS, drug and alcohol use, violent intent, mental illness, or psychological distress make us valid targets in the


  • 01/11/17
    Permissible Targets: Law Enforcement and Modern Authority

    If you look back in history, the portrayal of law enforcement in the media was, for a long time, made with an eye towards the idea that even if one officer screwed something up, the profession was still (on the whole) responsible and worthy of the authority vested in them.  The default assumption in the


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