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  • 09/24/18
    "The Extra Step, For Those Who Can't Take It" - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    The older man was hanging on to the flight attendant’s shoulders. He was face to face with the tiny woman as she backed him up the aisle while they made their way toward the bathroom. He was smiling like I would be smiling if I were heading to that glorious spot and was forced to


  • 08/27/18
    "Leaning On the Sill" - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    He was tired. Tired because he hadn’t slept that well in the heat of the summer days, tired of trying to figure out how to make the paycheck stretch to the next one, and tired of being grouchy with his wife just before he left for work at 7:45 P.M.
    Shift work has it’s benefits, he


  • 08/13/18
    "19 Days" - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    She called a couple of weeks ago - I didn't call her back. The latest message indicated she understood that I was a busy guy and that she wanted to try me again. She asked that I please return her call.
    Her name was not familiar to me, but I jotted it down and listened to


  • 07/31/18
    Millennial Officers: The Future, Trained Right

    “These young kids these days, they don’t understand what the job is really about.”
    I’ve heard this line numerous times throughout my career - sometimes it was directed towards me, sometimes it was towards the younger boots in the department. Who’s usually the one saying it? An “old timer” who is on the downswing of


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