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  • 01/18/18
    Dealing with Dishonesty: Staying Sane in Law Enforcement

    People lie to you.  They lie to you all day long, about things large and small.  “Speeding?,” they say, “I didn’t realize I was speeding, even though I only had time to see one flash of your lightbar as I went by.”  Some people also tell you the truth, but the fact of the matter


  • 01/05/18
    Reality Policing Beats Hollywood - If You Can See What Happened

    Whether you are a fan of the digital revolution or not, it's here to stay. Courts and juries want video (and sometimes audio) evidence in order to convict. Cameras are all around us and in the dash of most cruisers. AI and facial recognition is very close to creating the Brave New World we read


  • 12/21/17
    How Effective Is Your Body Armor?

    If you don’t wear a vest on duty, you may want to skip this article. If you wear armor, you are improving your chances of returning home after your shift today.  It is cited frequently that armor vests have saved the lives of more than 3,000 law enforcement officers in the last 30 years.
    The two


  • 11/29/17
    My Aching Back: Avoiding Injury from Duty Belts

    After a few years of toting a duty belt and driving a cruiser you start to feel it. The workout routine helps, as does the constant shifting and movement of the belt when standing. Still, the job is taking a toll on your low back and posture.
    Maybe you saw a chiropractor or you try PT


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