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Dual-Certified Protection for Hot Zone CBRN Missions

Blauer's Multi-Threat ensemble offers the highest level of protection in the Homeland Defender® line from liquid, vapor, and particulate forms of CBRN agents. The suit is made of GORE® CHEMPAK® Ultra-barrier fabric and is certified to NFPA 1994 Class 2 and NFPA 1992 for protection against chemical warfare agents (CWA's) and toxic industrial chemicals (TIC's) at concentrations at or above IDLH when worn with approved SCBA systems. For added protection, this revolutionary non-permeable membrane is laminated to a 4.5 ounce NOMEX IIIA outer shell, which provides excellent static dissipative performance and resists melting, dripping, and burning when exposed to high heat and flame.

Superior Heat Stress Management

First responders and HAZMAT teams typically must deal with heat stress and elevated core body temperatures caused in large part by their PPE ensembles, which trap body heat and interfere with the body's sweat response. The Multi-Threat suit effectively alleviates this problem through a unique "evaporative cooling" capability. The NOMEX® IIIA outer shell has been engineered to absorb water without affecting the integrity or protective performance of the underlying GORE® CHEMPAK® barrier. By wetting the suit down with water before or during use, the wearer benefits from a natural cooling effect similar to sweating as the water evaporates from the outer shell.

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Features & Benefits

  • Form-fitting design for superior mobility and confined space operations
  • NOMEX® IIIA laminate fabrics for limited FR protection
  • Approved for use with tactical-style boots
  • Tactical gloves for superior dexterity
  • One piece design with integrated CBRN booties and gloves
  • Rubber to rubber SCBA mask interface eliminates the need for chemical tape
  • Evaporative cooling capability allows for extended response times
  • Rugged GORE® CHEMPAK® Ultra-barrier fabric and extra strength seams for safer operations in demanding CBRN environments
  • Reusable – Can be washed/dried multiple times if no gross contamination


  • S.W.A.T. – active shooter and high-risk clandestine lab entry
  • Urban Search and Rescue (US&R)
  • "Hot Zone" search and rescue

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