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Responding to the PTSD Subject

08-10-2014 18:22:00

Event Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2014 19:13:26 GMT
Author: Egg Harbor Township New Jersey
This course is designed to provide the first responder with a basic understanding of Post Traumatic Dress Disorder and the disabling anxiety it causes in individuals who suffer from it. This course will provide the law enforcement officer with not only an understanding of PTSD and the conditions that stem from it, but also describes and explains how to speak with this individual and help calm them in ...

Public Speaking for Law Enforcement

08-10-2014 18:24:00

Event Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2014 19:13:26 GMT
Author: Egg Harbor Township New Jersey
This course is designed to provide the patrol officer, media relations officer, detective, supervisor as well as managers, with the basic skills and techniques employed when giving a speech or a talk. Students will learn the fundamentals and personal attributes needed to successfully connect with their audience whether it be the general public, subordinates, or command staff personnel. Help your officer's ...

SABRE Chemical Aerosol Projector Instructor

23-09-2014 16:56:00

Event Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2014 08:00:00 GMT
Author: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Surviving an Aerosol Attack. This course fully addresses all aspects of using Chemical techniques, complete arsenal of available aerosols and situational requirement, handling, and documenting the use of Chemical Aerosols. Medical issues and legal liability Aerosol Projectors. Certified instructors receive an instructor manual and student PowerPoint to use when teaching end user classes. This certification ...

Interview and Interrogation Level I

30-10-2014 05:09:00

Event Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2014 23:26:31 GMT
Author: Myrtle Beach South Carolina
This course is designed to provide the law enforcement officer with the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary when conducting criminal interviews and interrogations, with an emphasis on Miranda use, communication and listening skills, body language, as well as the importance of proper documentation of the interview or interrogation. Topics Include: Interview or Interrogation? The Purpose of an ...

Police One Product Articles

Ultimate gift guide: 15 tactical toys you'll want this season

21-11-2014 04:07:34

Author: Loraine Burger
Be fully equipped and ready for anything in 2015! As black Friday aficionados start heading out for their favorite season, let them know what you need to be ready for yours. This dynamic wish list has everything you could want this holiday at all different price points. This year, make it impossible for your friends and family to say “You’re so hard to shop for.” (Because really, how ...

Police Foundations Students Go Hi-Tech with SceneDoc

21-11-2014 01:24:09

Author: Loraine Burger
Untitled Document Ashburn, VA - Seneca College, a post-secondary institution in Toronto, ON Canada is committed to ensuring their students have experience using the technology they will need in the workforce.  Police Foundations students ...

GeoComm Hires Top Industry Talent and Expands 9-1-1 GIS Managed Services Team

21-11-2014 00:11:12

Author: Loraine Burger
St. Cloud, MN (Nov. 2014) - GeoComm is excited to announce the enhancement of our 9-1-1 GIS managed services team with the addition of top industry talent including Roy Jackson, John Krafft, Sean Lehman, Patrick Melancon, and Greg Spadorcio. Spadorcio will work closely with Jackson, Krafft, Lehman and the St. Cloud based GIS services team to deliver industry leading public safety GIS solutions. Spadorcio ...

Why officers should train to use High Yield Illumination (HYI) tools

20-11-2014 16:30:00

Author: PoliceOne Special Contributors
HYI can create a reaction in your opponents that is so overpowering to the bad guy/guys it not only takes all what is needed when you are reliant on your vision, it also resets their OODA back to Observe.