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Blauer Manufacturing and Avon Protection Systems Achieve Critical PPE Certification for US Military and Law Enforcement Market (PDF)


Police One Training

SABRE Chemical Aerosol Projector Instructor

16-05-2014 18:50:00

Event Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 07:00:00 GMT
Author: Sea Girt New Jersey
Surviving an Aerosol Attack. This course fully addresses all aspects of using Chemical techniques, complete arsenal of available aerosols and situational requirement, handling, and documenting the use of Chemical Aerosols. Medical issues and legal liability Aerosol Projectors. Certified instructors receive an instructor manual and student PowerPoint to use when teaching end user classes. This certification ...

Surveillance Level I

05-06-2014 20:51:00

Event Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 22:29:20 GMT
Author: Clemson South Carolina
This course is designed to provide investigators, narcotics agents, as well as the street officer, with a basic understanding of how to conduct surveillance. Students will learn the skills and the personal attributes that are needed in order to achieve a successfully surveillance, as well as what type of equipment they should have at their disposal. Topics Include: Surveillance Defined Personal Attributes ...

Critical Incident Negotiations Level I - "The Tactical Negotiator"

05-06-2014 20:43:00

Event Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014 22:16:41 GMT
Author: Conway South Carolina
This course is designed to ensure a quality presentation of critical incident negotiation skills training for hostage and barricaded suicide negotiation teams, in order for them to bring about a peaceful resolution to critical incidents. This course is designed to teach the basic skills, techniques and concepts required of any critical incident negotiator, with an emphasis on communication and active ...

Supervision and Leadership Level II

05-06-2014 20:45:00

Event Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2014 22:10:00 GMT
Author: Greer South Carolina
This course is designed to ensure a quality presentation of supervisory skills training for Supervisors and soon to be Managers, in order to assist their subordinates in being successful law enforcement officers by creating a professional work environment. The course is designed to teach the skills, techniques and principles required to be a productive, diversified supervisor, leader and manager. Topics ...

Police One Product Articles

Pavlok wristband uses shockwave to promote habit changes

22-07-2014 23:12:11

By PoliceOne Staff Pavlok wristband is a wearable device designed to help the wearer stay on target with fitness and other goals such as going to the gym, meditating on a daily basis, or limiting the number of tabs opened in a web browser. Linked to an app, the device emits a small shock when the user doesn’t meet a predetermined goal or puts forth other penalties such as loss of access to their ...

Gesture Logic introduces muscle-monitoring fitness device

22-07-2014 23:06:17

By PoliceOne Staff Gesture Logic is putting forth a new wearable fitness device called “LEO.” Worn as a band around the upper thigh, LEO is created to optimize the user’s workout while reducing risk of fitness-related injury. Using biosignal monitoring technology, the device measures the following: muscle activity, heart rate, hydration levels, fatigue, calories, technique, and lactic ...

Panasonic updates Toughbook 53 semi-rugged laptop

22-07-2014 22:59:23

By PoliceOne Staff Panasonic announced upgrades to the Toughbook 53 semi-rugged laptop with a Windows 8.1 Pro Update, battery life of up to 15 hours and enhanced wireless connectivity for mobile professionals. The Toughbook 53 features a 14 inch sunlight-readable optional touchscreen, anti-reflective and anti-glare HD display and optional 4G LTE multi carrier mobile broadband with satellite GPS. Key ...

2 Fla. departments purchase iRobot for shared use

22-07-2014 18:22:43

By Fallan Patterson Forum Publishing Group via Sun-Sentinel MIRAMAR, Fla. — The Pembroke Pines and Miramar police departments recently partnered to jointly purchase a high-tech robotic device they can both use in dangerous situations. The iRobot is used by law enforcement to obtain information, approach suspicious packages or devices, and to avoid putting an officer in a potentially dangerous ...