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Police Uniform Shirts Offer Comfort, Performance and Durability

Every cop begins their day by donning a uniform shirt of some kind – be it the traditional uniform shirt, a more casual polo look, or even a specialty uniform shirt for assignments such as bicycle policing or tactical law enforcement.  Most of those uniform shirts haven’t been designed with the tactical needs of officers like you in mind, and have sacrificed comfort for the sake of appearance.

Blauer’s engineered solutions, created by working hand-in-hand with officers from dozens of agencies during our design process, turn the tables on that problem by incorporating top-of-the-line materials, construction, and finish techniques to give you comfort, performance, and durability in one premium garment.  Our patented designs increase your range of motion, wick moisture away from your body, and ensure that you will be at your peak readiness to respond, regardless of where you work.

All of our carefully-crafted solutions are made to protect you while you protect others, as well with highly durable fabrics that will stay looking their best wash after wash, made from a range of materials to suit your preference and agency requirements.  Technical features can even help you to stay protected against dangers like blood-borne pathogens, while deployable 3M ScotchLite™ reflective trim on many of our shirts means you can make the choice to become more visible when working outside in traffic at night.

With all of this, plus the traditional features you know and need – such as full-width epaulets, real pen pockets, support straps to hold up your badge, mic tabs, extra-long shirt tails, and silicone-reinforced creases to keep you looking professional – Blauer’s attention to detail shines through in every shirt of ours that you’ll ever wear. 

We take pride in creating the very best in uniforms for public safety professionals, and you won’t find a better or more vetted product.  Read the reviews that other officers have posted about our lineup, and you’ll see that your best choice, every day, is always a Blauer shirt.

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