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Police and Law Enforcement Shirts

Law enforcement shirts from Blauer are made from the finest materials, keeping our officers safe and comfortable. They present an unparalleled image of professionalism in a multitude of environments and situations. We only sell police shirts that we know we can be proud of and represent the quality worthy of our nation's finest.

Let's face it, shirts are equipment that law enforcement professionals wear and carry throughout the shift. We have a variety of police uniform shirts to suit the needs of every department and situation. From our SuperShirt™ to our t-shirts, Blauer law enforcement shirts are engineered to be as comfortable as possible while still maximizing protection and technical features that allow police officers to carry out their duties with ease and professionalism.

We have several designs of police shirts in wool, polyester and cotton, allowing for comfort and skin sensitivity in a variety of styles and colors to match and fit within your department's requirements and your environment's climate. Most of our police shirt designs come in long sleeve and short sleeve variations to suit preference and weather changes.

Many of our police uniform shirts have technical features that accommodate standard law enforcement equipment, such as pen pockets, glasses holders, support straps for badges, military style creasing, mic tabs for communications, and extra-long shirt tail lengths to ensure that shirts will stay tucked in, ensuring an image of professionalism at all times. Our law enforcement shirts are machine washable and designed to last through dozens of washings with little to no shrinkage. You can count on Blauer police shirts to go as hard the officers that wear them.