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Class A Police Uniform Shirts

Blauer ClassAct police uniform shirts shirts are constructed with durable performance fabrics like our blended wool, rayon, cotton, and 100% polyester fabrics.  All of our fabrics are equipped with 10% mechanical stretch to move with you on the job. They contain a soil release finish which makes home laundering a breeze and makes looking good easy.  

The shirts themselves are made using the most sophisticated automatic sewing equipment available so that each element whether a collar, epaulet or pocket flap are consistent. All of the parts used to make the shirt are interlined with fusible interlining making them look crisp for the life of the shirt. Blauer uniform shirts are built tough for everyday wear and are designed to fit over concealed soft body armor.

Tactical duty uniforms are often made hastily using larger stitches and less attention to detail. Blauer ClassAct uniforms are meticulously sewn and finished and every detail is inspected several times during the production process.

Military inspired collars (similar to the US Marine Corp) and stitched military style creases are standard. Hardened delrin mill specification buttons will not crack or break for the life of the shirt, even if dry cleaned.

These Class A police shirts offer a traditional public safety uniform look. 

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