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Hi Visibility Safety Vests: Hi Vis Police Vest

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Hi Vis Police and Safety Vest

Police safety vests allow non-law enforcement and non-public safety officials to easily and properly spot and identify a working public officer at a glance in a variety of scenarios. The bright florescent yellow high vis vests easily establish a bright, high contrast silhouette and complements the reflective tape placed strategically on the vest. The Blauer safety vests are certified to the high visibility standard ANSI 207-2011 for their garments, ensuring a standard of safety that is to be expected from public safety officials and law enforcement professionals.

Most safety vests can have the words “police”, “fire”, “sheriff” or other customization, on the front or back of the vest in order to distinguish the officer from the other individual branches of public safety. Blauer’s B.Bright and Scotchlite technologies are used for maximum reflective output on all high visibility vests. All safety vests feature a breakaway function for swift removal in case of an accidental car snags and drags an officer in traffic or a combat situation occurs where the vest becomes a hazard to the officer until fully removed.

All these safety vest features are provided thanks to the input of tens of thousands of law enforcement professionals and public safety specialist throughout the years. We here at Blauer take pride in the fact that our personal protective equipment is used nationwide by the world’s best police units, EMS teams and fire crews.