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Police Pants By Blauer Provide Usability and Comfort

Most law enforcement pants on the market treat everyone like they’re built the same, and sacrifice usability and comfort for the sake of a professional look or vice versa.  Blauer’s premium pants, however, are carefully and expertly engineered to defy that trend.

First, all Blauer pants use the best available fabric technology (including options ranging from cotton to Nomex®) to achieve the perfect blend of tactical flexibility and breathable comfort.  You will not find a pant which allows you a greater range of motion in your everyday work as a law enforcement officer, while still retaining durable characteristics which keep you looking professional no matter how many times you put Blauer pants through the wash.

Next, decades of experience have refined the fit of Blauer pants to accommodate a wide variety of body types, including pants engineered specifically for female officers.  By working with officers in the field, and observing how garments survive tactical environments, Blauer has achieved unparalleled success in creating the best possible pants for the actual world you work in, no matter what the climate or weather is like.

Technical features also include the careful placement of pockets for actual items that you carry with you, including adequately-sized pockets for log books, flashlights, knives, and more – all placed to maximize their utility and your ability to access your gear when seconds count.

From spending time on the range, to the harshest possible tactical environments, Blauer pants are available in options to fit your exact needs.  Read the reviews that real officers like you have posted about our lineup, and you’ll see that nobody beats Blauer when it comes to providing you with the best possible pant for your day, every day.

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