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Law Enforcement Uniform and Police Duty Pants

Law enforcement pants from Blauer are made from the finest materials, keeping our officers safe and comfortable and present an unparalleled image of professionalism in a multitude of environments and situations. We only sell police pants that we know we can be proud of and represent the quality worthy of our nation's finest.

Properly fit duty pants with the right amount of capacity for storage can only help law enforcement professionals do their jobs. Blauer’s lines of police pants give law enforcement professionals a variety of options when outfitting themselves for any environment whether they're in the field on patrol, filing reports in the office, dressed for a formal event, suiting up for a tactical situation or fitting in some time at the gun range.

Blauer police pants share the same high quality materials, comfort technology and technical features as their corresponding matching shirts. From the different blends of rayon, wool, polyester, cotton, ripstop, or nylon, Blauer has the right set of law enforcement pants for every preference, climate and situation. Blauer also offers police pants that are designed for the harshest, darkest environments delivered by nature. Most of our non-specialized uniform pants are designed to be easily machine washed and do not have to be ironed.

Pockets in key places for tactical and duty law enforcement pants can be used to carry anything from extra ammunition to vehicle keys to utility items such as knives or flashlights. The more pockets you have, the more options available in outfitting your unit for a wider spectrum of operations. You can count on the research and development of over 75 years of experience from Blauer to provide only the finest uniform pants available to those who serve and protect our nation.