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Law Enforcement Clothing and Police Gear

Here at Blauer, we are committed to providing the best in law enforcement clothing and police gear available. Our police clothing, products and equipment are specifically designed to be comfortable, yet durable enough for everyday use. Our law enforcement gear is made of the highest quality materials and delivered at the best prices possible. Whether it's one of our wool Supershirts, high comfort base layer pants, protective rain jackets, tactical gloves or a safety vest, you can rest assured that here at Blauer, our law enforcement clothing and equipment have been designed specifically with the law enforcement officers’ comfort and safety in mind.

Our police clothing and equipment can be found in a variety of sizes, styles, materials and colors to match your department's specific professional look, tactical needs, and range of climate. The sizing of our law enforcement clothing will fit officers from all parts of the size spectrum. We offer traditional police clothing colors and styles as well as tactical camouflage for special units and operations. We also carry certified high visibility ANSI law enforcement clothing for night and special assignments. For those looking for NFPA certified police wear, we have several options to choose from.

No matter what department, we have law enforcement clothing to keep you comfortable whether you need to stay cool and vented on the hottest of days or warm and dry in the darkest of wet nights. Our outerwear works perfectly with our base, mid, and uniform layers to keep you comfortable as weather conditions change, allowing you to adapt for every tactical situation or environment, making it easier to do what you do best. Whether you're in the field, office or gym, Blauer has just what you and your department needs to get through the day safely and comfortably.

All Blauer products are performance oriented and made to last through the rain, cold, wind and snow. We pride ourselves on having police clothing that has been through twenty or more years of service. Know that with Blauer, you are backed by four generations worth of experience and service in the law enforcement clothing and gear industry.