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Firefighter Shirts: Fire, EMS, EMT, and Fireman T Shirts


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EMT, EMS and Fireman Shirts

When designing fire, EMT, and EMS shirts, Blauer followed strict guidelines and made exacting specifications before selling shirts to firefighters and EMS teams across the globe. Blauer fireman, EMS, and EMT shirts are designed to be light enough to be worn underneath any turnout gear without over heating the wearer or becoming cumbersome or restricting range of motion. The EMS, EMT, and fireman shirts must look professional and sharp around the station and around town as the squad and team are representatives and ambassadors of the local crew and the profession as a whole.

When designing shirts for public safety professionals at Blauer, we understand that not only will this shirt have to just cover your body, but be able to support in any way possible your mission as EMS and EMT with technical features designed to save you crucial time when mere seconds could mean the difference between life and death.

The Blauer line of EMS and EMT shirts have only one goal in mind and that’s to be the most worthy, reliable, go-to shirt that every public health professional would own and wear with irrevocable pride. Our shirts are tried and true thanks to the countless feedback and input of EMS, EMT and firefighters alike. With over 75 years of service in the public safety sector and over 4 generations of support, we pride ourselves on providing the best EMS, EMT, and fireman shirts made from the finest materials engineered for the specific purpose of covering and protecting the EMTs and EMS from the greatest country in the world.