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Firefighter and EMT Shirts, Uniform and Station Wear

When designing fire station, EMT, and EMS shirts, Blauer worked with users to determine their needs and then built them to exceed their expectations.  Unlike consumer clothing, which is designed for periodic wear, uniform shirts are worn everyday for 10-12 hours.  They must be more durable, colorfast to wash and wear, and yet be light enough to be worn underneath turnout gear without over heating the wearer or becoming cumbersome or restricting range of motion. Our EMS, EMT, and fire station shirts must have wrinkle resistance to look professional during the workday and repel stains and clean up easily in the home laundry.

We have supplied EMS, EMT, and fire community with outerwear and uniforms for decades and always use the finest materials and the best construction methods so that your investment in uniforms provides the best fit, form, and function available.  

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