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EMS, EMT, and Firefighter Jackets


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EMT, EMS and Fireman Jackets

With the addition of smoke and steam to an already hostile, fire filled scenario, our fireman jackets are typically the first line of defense against hostile environments. Add rain, snow, wind, or any other natural occurrence and you have a story by chief. Working as a team, communications and line of sight are particularly important to the success of a firefighting effort, not to mention the safety of the entire crew. Our EMS and EMT jackets are manufactured with the same quality fabrics and care as our firefighter jackets because at Blauer, your safety is our priority.

Here at Blauer, equipping our firefighters, EMS, EMT, and other first responders with a duty jacket with adequate protection for their job against the fire, the elements, and against low visibility is something we take pride in. Blauer’s EMT and EMS jackets have a wide range of features to help our first responders stack the odds in their favor. Using the finest performance materials to shield, insulate and increase visibility, Blauer’s fire, EMS, EMT, and paramedic jackets make it easier for our guys to fight fires and save lives.

Blauer EMT, EMS and firefighter jackets come in many different forms for many different functions. While many of our EMS jackets can be used in the worst of scenarios, we also carry offerings for situations not so extreme as well. You can find fleece outerwear for cold nights at the station as well as full rain jackets and goretex rain pants. No matter where you’re station is from Hawaii to Maine, Blauer will have you covered in the right equipment.