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Firefighter/EMT sweaters, job shirt, jackets, long underwear

Our firefighter and EMS job shirts, midlayer jacket styles, and sweaters are made like no other. With Blauer quality engineering, made through working with firemen and firewomen, EMT's, Paramedics, and other public safety professionals, every garment in our fire and EMS apparel line has been manufactured to the highest standards of quality and made to help you perform your work better.

Our midlayer jackets zip into our System Outerwear shells for customized comfort in any weather conditions.  Blauer job shirts feature durable yet comfortable materials, with thoughtful features that will help stand the test of station wear.  If you need an EMT sweater, we've got you covered as well, with many options to choose from. No matter what you pick, we'll help keep you protected from the elements.

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