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EMT, EMS, and Fire Clothing

A fire fighter must always be ready since he never knows when he will be called into service. Fire clothing and EMS and EMT apparel should be comfortable to lounge around in, yet rugged enough to do routine errands, simple enough to clean with little to no specialized maintenance and light enough to wear underneath turnout gear without restricting range of motion or becoming cumbersome or overwhelming. Blauer’s full line of EMS, EMT, and fire clothing will never disappoint, as we use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in all our fire, EMT, and ems gear.

EMS clothing should allow EMS and EMT workers to rapidly respond to any medical emergency at a moment's notice. Technical features and storage pockets become assets when trying to save as many crucial seconds during an emergency situation. Those seconds could easily mean the difference between life and death. EMS and EMT clothing is also a worker's first line of physical defense against blood and bodily fluids.

All EMS, EMT, and fire apparel must be presentable as these services are representatives of the community. A professional, clean appearance is mandatory for both fire fighters and EMS/EMT professionals when on calls and while at the station. That’s why many of our nation’s service officials look to Blauer to supply them with fire, EMT, and EMS gear.

Blauer's full line of fire station wear and EMS clothing is designed for daily, routine use around the station as well as on call underneath any turnout gear. No matter what climate or environment, Blauer's specialized fire clothing, EMS gear, and EMT clothes will keep you comfortable.

Blauer's fire station and EMS clothes ranges from patrol jackets, service uniform shirt and pants sets, mid layers, outerwear, base layers, safety vests and uniform accessories. Blauer designs their fire station and EMS clothes with features requested and demanded by thousands of working public safety professionals throughout the United States. Blauer is committed to providing the finest products available to fire fighters and EMS providers worldwide.