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AUGUST 28, 2014
7:30 AM – 6 PM

Blauer Fire and EMS Duty Boots


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Blauer has introduced a line of footwear for firemen, EMTs and paramedics. They were designed for, and with, first responders from the sole up. Athletic and extreme sport footwear, tactical and military boots, competitive racing shoes, and safety footwear provided the inspiration. Interaction with active duty police boot wearers helped us focus on the important needs.

All of the styles feature the BOA dial-a-perfect-fit closure system. The BOA intelligent dial and braided stainless steel cables eliminate the need for time consuming laces and uneven pressure points or inefficient bulky zippers. Perfectly even tensioning is performed with one hand in seconds. Pop the dial at the end of a long shift and kick the boot off.

Zippered fire and ems boots are still tough to get on and off due to the narrow opening at the lower end of the zipper. Many zipper boot wearers will loosen the laces permanently to get them on and off easily only to wear slightly loose boots all day long. BOA allows you to quickly pop the dial and release some tension while you are in the ambulance or at the station, and at moments notice dial in tight or kick them off for a call. The BOA components and stainless cable are super strong and are guaranteed for the life of the boot. They have been proven slope side by snowboarders who have enjoyed trying to abuse BOA for years (without much success as BOA engineers keep making it stronger).

BOA is only one great feature of the new Blauer firefighter and EMS footwear. The proprietary hybrid outsole is the ultimate combination of stability, comfort and traction. It is slip resistant on wet and dry pavement, good on snow or in slush, and combines mini lug and court style tread patterns for on and off road grip. The radius heel is designed for all day quick reaction driving and comfort. Fence grooves in the toe and our integrated ESS shank for roping for extreme situations.

All of the boots use a combination of full grain leather and polishable toes, cushioning EVA midsoles, footwear grade upper textiles, and durable waterproofing membranes. The Blitz boot is waterproof and has an added puncture resistant midsole to protect your feet from nails and other debris. All of the styles are very lightweight and require no break in, and are Aegis treated to prevent foot odor, which will be comforting to your locker neighbors.