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Firefighter Station Wear: Blauer Fire Pants


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Fire Station Wear and Fire Pants

Blauer’s line of 100% cotton fireman pants and fire station wear is designed to be low maintenance, convenient, safe durable and comfortable all rolled into a cost effective package. The heavy duty 15 oz fabric, fade resistant standard color, no iron fabric and the most durable components ensure that our fire pants and other fire apparel may last a season or two more than you would expect.

Blauer fire pants feature a cotton waistband with back spot elastic for an easy fit. The two bead silicone shirt grip ensures that your favorite Blauer shirt will stay in place no matter where you go, with your professional image intact. As with most fire gear offered by Blauer, our 100% cotton fire pants are certified NFPA 1975 for peace of mind. The relaxed fit offered by these our fire station wear pants allow for a larger range of lower body motion. Never iron pants are virtually permanently creased with a silicone retention process. You can choose between duty pants with standard four pocket storage or opt into a six pocket model with obvious increased storage capacity. The seam is split, allowing for custom tailoring. Pants stay up with a heavy duty brass zipper with an auto locking slider.

The firefighter’s pants also come as shorts, a welcome addition to any closet that must endure grueling summers or if you just enjoy nice weather. The shorts feature many of the same technical features, minus the pant length.