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EMT and EMS Accessories

Here at Blauer, we've been making products for our EMS and EMTs for over 75 years with four generations of experience in the professional public safety sector. It's safe to say that we can outfit EMS personnel and EMT from top to bottom for any scenario. However, in this section of our online store, it's the minor EMS and EMT accessories that play a large part of enhancing our public safety professional’s day, shift or station. Whether it’s a set of gloves to keep your hands covered or a low profile skull cap you wear underneath your uniform hat to keep your dome warm, Blauer has EMS and EMT supplies to warm up the guy in the station that’s always cold.

Blauer B.Dry and Gore-Tex hats and street caps make excellent choices for rainy and foul weather shifts.

Here at Blauer, we have an assortment of hats, skull caps, rain covers for your uniform hats and various other EMS accessories. Supporting our nation’s finest is not only a job for us, it’s a way of life and knowing that our quality products are used by law enforcement and public safety professionals around the world makes us proud. We know that anything that can make your shift warmer while you serve your community, even if it’s miniscule but still makes your day a little brighter, it brings out the best smiles to our faces here at Blauer.

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