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Firefighter/EMT Accessories: Belts, Caps, Suspenders, More

With over 75 years and four generations of experience in the professional law enforcement industry, Blauer has committed significant resources to developing much-needed accessories for firefighters, EMT's, paramedics, and other first responder professionals. In the coming months we will add a full line of hats, gloves, belts and duty belts, and gear bags to our footwear and sock lines. 

Why Blauer accessories? Over the years you have told us what you like and dislike about the available accessories out there. Most winter gloves, for example, are not wearable when handling a weapon or any type of equipment. Gloves that are capable will not keep your hands warm on extended details. Introducing “Flicker”, a glove that is built for cold winter conditions yet can be flicked off of your hand instantly for access to equipment. Our overall goal is professional grade and durable gloves that are protective and feel great on the hands. 

Blauer ball caps are getting tremendous reviews. They hold their shape and color, fit great and look professional. Our navy matches uniform dark navy well also. Innovation is in our blood and as long as there is an opportunity to improve on the protective, appearance and fit aspects of accessories we will be in the forefront of making those changes happen. 

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