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Blauer has provided more innovative products, technologies and designs to public safety than all other companies in the industry combined. It is our passion for improvement and dedication to Serious Protection that drives us forward. The list of product firsts to public safety includes the introduction of Gore-Tex fabrics, reversible safety rainwear, ArmorSkin, the only outer vest cover that fits universally all armor brands, makes and models, and BOA’s revolutionary footwear closure. The list would fill pages. When purchasing Blauer uniforms, outerwear, footwear, or accessories there is comfort in knowing the product is proven and tested by someone like you.

From our humble beginnings as a rainwear maker to the current head to toe offering we are excited to get to work everyday and begin designing the next generation of seriously protective gear. Blauer chembio protective ensembles are worn by elite soldiers, law enforcement tact teams and local firefighters, our EMT pants and shirts are used in large cities and by volunteers, and our outerwear is legendary for its length of service, comfort, and great appearance.

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